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The biggest of the ancient Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza, Mexico. Also called "The Castle".
Another Mayan ruin, possibly another 'castle'.The Mayan Observatory
Me, climbing the 91-steps of 'The Castle'.Me and Maggie, climbing the steps of the main pyramid. Notice the climber to the right of us...A close-up of Maggie and myself, on the pyramid's steps about halfway to the top.
'Temple of the Warriors', as seen from the top of 'The Castle'.'Temple of the Warriors', monument to illustrious fallen heroes of the Mayas.A beautiful flowering tree, probably common throughout Mexico.A contrast-enhanced view of 'Temple of the Warriors', to highlight the details.
Me, in the Mexican villa of 'Playa del Carmen'.Me holding a common green iguana, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.I used to have an iguana just like this one, only mine was even bigger! His name was 'Mr. Spock'.With the patience of a Saint, my wife Maggie stands a discreet distance from me and my reptile friend...Our photo-session is over and it's time to hand the iguana pet back to it's owner.
Click image to see what is right in front of us...As our tour guide leads us out of the forest, we see the main 'Castle', our pyramid, for the first time.A detailed explanation of the celestial calander aspects of the pyramid from our Tour Guide before we are set loose to climb...Finally! -We are ready to climb the 91 steps of the pyramid at Chichen Itza!The pyramid at Chichen Itza, with Maggie posing for the camera.A panoramic view of the pyramid, and 'Temple of the Warriors'.
Looking down through a natural sink-hole in the ground, we observe a pristine underground water supply. This one is near Chichen Itza.Maggie, at the local Mayan shopping villa.Me, in a small market plaza, inspecting the local crafts and goods for sale.Near the shore, in the town of 'Playa del Carmen'.The blue-green crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, at 'Playa del Carmen', Mexico.A view from the shore, a pier at Playa del Carmen.Looking back at the shoreline of Playa del Carmen.
Our hotel, the main entrance.Two views of one of the several pools at the hotel.This iguana owned this side of the pool!The Caribbean Sea and beach, as seen from our balcony at the hotel.The waters of the Caribbean Sea.Maggie, on an abandoned rocky point that protrudes out into the Sea...A banana tree, near the entrance to Chichen Itza.On our last day here, we discovered a nearby beach with still waters for swimming, and a few hundred friendly fish!
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