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a very colorful baby bearded dragon hatchlingimage; yellow-brown grasses
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    Who we are

    Jurassic Pets is the culmination of our lifelong fascination with reptiles. We allow and encourage our reptiles to breed because it is a natural and often necessary part of their lifecycle. Of course, we cannot keep all of our babies. Thus, Jurassic Pets Reptiles is born.


    As a husband-and-wife team, our approach to herpetoculture is based on nurturing, keen observation, research and time. Together, we strive to ensure all necessary elements of our reptiles' lives are fulfilled. Each reptile, be it hatchling or adult, common or rare, receives specific observation time and checkups. Our dedication to our reptiles' health is never compromised by the potential for financial gain. We perceive and treat all of our breeding reptiles as cherished and pampered pets, not simply a means for making money! We go and have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our breeding reptiles are not related, are properly mature and are in optimal health before allowing or encouraging them to breed. We strive to mimic our reptiles' natural environment, diet and cycles as much as we possibly can. Our approach has led to great success and it is our hope that our babies will bring happiness and wonder to all who purchase them.


    For breeding, our primary mission is simple: we want to give each baby the best chance possible at a long and healthy life. This means we handraise our babies for at least one month before selling them to the public. This means we try to sell to responsible dealers and customers. This means we try to educate and offer excellent customer service to people who buy our reptiles. We believe that our philosophy and commitment to our animals is reflected in our offspring and the health of our pets.
    Our secondary mission is to provide beginners and experts alike with an interesting and diverse array of captive-born lizards and snakes to choose from. We want to provide a reliable alternative to wild-caught and/or ill-bred and raised specimens.

    About our Bearded Dragons

    We have put great care into our bearded dragon breeders and babies. With a lot of questionable breeding ethics in the bearded dragon market today, we are happy to offer our stock with integrity.

    We have raised 95% of our breeders from hatchling size. Our adult groups come from a variety of sources and are unrelated to avoid problems commonly attributed to inbreeding. We do not practice color fixing, inbreeding, or line breeding for high color as has become common practice today. We outcross all of our dragons for hardiness and genetic diversity. We believe that inbreeding for high coloration has resulted in dragons that are weaker, smaller, and more prone to a variety of problems. And it is only getting worse. And why, when we can still produce colorful babies at the same time diversify the gene pool? This is why you will not see us crossing two like colors (ie. red x red or sandfire x sandfire). This is also why we are able to offer you a wide variety of color and patterning. We also try to use a lot of German blood in our bloodlines for additional diversity, hardiness, and size.

    Our beardies hatch out much larger than most other dragons on the market today. Unfortunately, it has become common for many breeders to hatch-out babies at around 3 inches or less. Our hatchlings are an average of 4.5 inches right out of the egg. They are housed in large enclosures to prevent overcrowding. We feed our babies a minimum of 4 times per day to ensure optimum health and size potential. They are offered a variety of foods and supplemented daily. Due to this care, we can guarantee quality and health. We also feel that this care helps with color quality.
    All of our dragons also come with care info and great customer support.

    Please note: With all of the confusing, different designer dragon names found on the market today, we try to keep it simple by naming the color as it looks or using the name of the breeder. If you would like a more extensive genetic history of our dragons, please ask.

    About this website

    The reptile industry has expanded enormously because of the Internet and, in many ways, the Internet is now the most influential market driving the reptile industry. With this conviction in mind, breeding and trying to sell a lot reptiles without a website seems impotent. So here we are!

    This website is a reflection of our personal preferences. We prefer simple, fast, informative and bright websites that are easy to read. We specifically chose to avoid many of the bells-and-whistles that would unnecessarily slow down your process through our website. One element we do find quite important is the use of accurate, descriptive, high-quality photographs. If our pics are slow in loading, we will re-size them for faster viewing. It our hope that this web-site is user-friendly and simple, yet appealing and interesting as well. Please feel free to email us any feedback you may have on this website as we are open to constructive criticism and advice.

    Having said that, I would like to mention that this website is far from being complete. Look for more photographs, more care sheets, more detailed information in the care sheets, more species and more reptile related products in the very near future.

Note: This is a totally fabricated web-site, for a classroom assignment. But it depicts authenticatable facts.
Some text was 'harvested' from internet sources and 'altered' to populate these pages. No infringement of copyrights intended.