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I hope that you have enjoyed this tour of Jurassic Pets Web Pages. My name is "The Bearded Dragon Formally Known As Prince". Come visit me again soon!image; yellow-brown grasses
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    The not so small "small print"

    Yes, we can deliver via UPS although we do prefer 'in person' acquisitions of our reptiles. But we can and do ship. We're still a small company with roughly 25-50 beardies to sell at any particular time. Shipments go out on Monday or Tuesday, to ensure that they arrive on a weekday and not be 'due to arrive' on a weekend-day when the mail is not being delivered. I will ship Wednesday for $10 additional for "priority" super-fast delivery. There are no shipments on Thursday, Friday.

    All shipments are shipped via UPS Express ("second day service") at a flat rate of $20. Courier delivery is available at an additional charge to be determined by individual shipments and client request (i.e., you require 'morning delivery' or 'delivery after 5-PM' etc.). Our reptiles are shipped in a crush-proof airation box created by the industry for this purpose. -They can get air through the screened sides of the box. These boxes are quite reliable and we've never had a problem with them. But if there ever were something wrong with the shipment due to packaging or shipment, contact me within 48 hours for instructions and I will replace the beardie with another of equal or superior value/equal age, plus shipping costs.
    Depending upon age of the beardie (e.g., under 3-months old), we CAN ship up to four beardies in the same shipping box (but in seperate compartments so that they will not interact with each other while in shipping), for the same flat-rate shipping cost. This saves you the additional $20.oo per beardie/per individual shipment!

    They will arrive alive.

    I will guarantee live arrival. I have never lost a single reptile due to shipping and I am not about to start! But, if there ever is a problem, I will not make you jump through hoops to get satisfaction. If you choose to have the lizard replaced with something comparable that we have in stock, we will do this. Heck, if we do not have a comparable replacement in stock and you're willing to wait, you'll get something of equal or greater value, and we'll waive the shipping costs! Your wish is our desire.
    Where a photograph is specifically given, all lizards will be exactly as represented. We have several young beardies ready for sale today, and upon your request, will e-mail you photos of 'unadvertised' specimens ready for purchase. We have several batches of eggs ready to hatch, -with expectations of many baby beardies that will needs homes within the next 1-2 months. We aim to introduce prospective buyers to individual beardies. -If you just want to buy 'sight unseen' but would like to potentially have a colorful beardie, we will do our 'best guess' based upon parental lineage expectations. -Just tell us which color(s) you'd prefer (red, orange, rusty, yellow), and we will certainly try to accomodate you.
    If you prefer to actually SEE an actual photo of a specific beardie and 'claim' him or her, we will 'hold' this specific beardie in our facility until age-appropriate to sell. Usually by age of 2-months of age, they are pretty hardy in their ways and are far easier to care for. This will give you time to prepare the cage and get the food items that you'll need. E-mail us for care sheets and web site forums that cater to beardie ownership. Contact us and we'll discuss our affordable prices for these amusing and enjoyable reptile pets.

    Thank you,

-Jurassic Pets Reptile Ranch est. 1994

Toronto, ONT.
1-(416) 555-2004

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