Carved driftwood

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Lake Ontario Driftwood

In the summer of 2006 while walking along the edge of Lake Ontario here in Toronto, I came across a piece of driftwood that looked very interesting. It had a natural 'bump' on one edge that reminded me of the hump of an elephant's head. For an amateur wood-carver, this was too rare of an opportunity to pass-up.

The branch wasn't too large so I brought it home with me and carved it into an elephant's head, leaving just a little bit of the stick's broken end in it's natural state. Hover over the 'slider bar' Magnifier to view closer-up images of this.

The wood was soft, -almost punky, and quite dry. The branch was like like carving cuttlebone. It only took me an hour to carve this, another hour of sanding and a couple of quick coats of clear spray poly-urethane for shine, hardness, and protection.

A quick and easy gift idea for the amateur wood-carver.

-by Joel A. Burdick