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A Growing List of Sagaceous Quotes

found on the internet and compiled By Joel A. Burdick, Toronto, ON CANADA

(Regarding computers)
Home computers are being called upon to perform many new tasks and new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog.
-Doug Larson.

(Still regarding computers)
Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anyone else use it, and get a new one every six months.
-Clifford Stoll

Seagull Manager - A manager who flies in and makes a lot of noise, shits all over everything, -and then leaves.

Great designers seldom make great advertising men because they get overcome by the beauty of the picture and forget that the merchandise must be sold.
-James Randolph Adamo

The danger of religion lies in it's most attractive feature. It is the arrogance that comes with thinking that you possess the ultimate knowledge.

Napoleon killed over 1000 prisoners with his cough...
In 1799 while deciding whether to release 1,200 Turkish POWs, he coughed and said "Ma sacre toux!" ("My darned cough!") which to the officers near him sounded like "Massacrez Tous!" ("Kill them all!"), so they did...

(Of bragging, boasting and loud voices)
"It was a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
-William Shakespear.

Japanese cartoon "Pokeman" character, sometimes referred to as being an "electric cat".On December 16, 1997 hundreds of Japanese children suffered seizures and convulsions following their viewing of a "Pokeman" ("Pocket Monsters") cartoon on television. Most children said they felt sick and had vision problems during a scene where the entire background was flashing red and blue.
Additional children ended up in the hospital after the cartoon segment was replayed in the evening news. Neurologists believe that the children suffered a photosensitive epileptic siezure induced by the flashing. Abnormal EEG can be triggered by flickering lights in a small percentage of persons when the flickering frequency is 5-10 hertz for children and 15-20 hertz for older people.

The charm of fishing is the pursuit of that which is elusive, but attainable. -A perpetual series of occasions for hope.

"Oh, ye seekers after perpetual motion, how many vain chimeras have you pursued? Go and take your place with the alchemists."
-Leonardo DiVinci

Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.

Adminisphere - The rarified organizational layers above the rank and file that makes decisions that are often profoundly inappropriate or irrelevant.

If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.
-George Orwell

Just saying 'no' prevents teenage pregnancy the way 'Have a Nice Day' cures chronic depression.
-Faye Wattleton

by Joel A. Burdick - © 2006