My basic primer, with abridged step-by-step instructions

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And you'll need a Staff Weapon to go with that...

    You will require a 'walking stick' of sorts, as wearing this armor restricts your vision somewhat. Fortunately, the Jaffa Warrior often carries a weapon called the "Staff Weapon". This is nearly as tall as the wearer of the armor.
   I chose to make mine from a telescoping mop handle, -less the mop-head of course. I used an inexpensive plastic boat oar on one end, and a 3/4-regulation size football on the front end which forms the 'bud' of the weapon. You carry the weapon horizontally to the floor, however in some situations you will find it most useful to hold it vertically and 'probe the floor' with the butt-end, especially around stairs and door thresholds. It find this to be very useful to have to maintain your balance, -almost essential for safe mobility in unfamiliar surroundings (stairs, elevators etc. in a convention hotel, or if outside upon uneven ground) until you are very certain of where your feet are when you walk.

The Staff Weapon, essential to have when wearing the headpiece which restricts your vision. Go to Pic. 2   Here I have built an inexpensive solution to the Staff Weapon carried by the Jaffa. It is just a simple telescoping mop-handle, with a plastic boat-oar on the butt-end and a mounted football on the business end.
   Painted brown, it closely resembles the 'real thing', but it is mostly to aid the wearer when walking around, wearing the Serpent Head part of the armor. You cannot bend too far forward as the head, cowl, & bellyscales unit as a whole is fairly rigid. You will be unable to see where your feet are when you are wearing the full armor with headpiece attached! And, you'll appreciate it's counterbalance effect when held while walking.

A closer view of the Staff Weapon. Go to Pic. 3    Notice that I have placed a cut-out in the 'neck whirl' equal to where my eyes are. I would next put a heavy 'perforated steel' screen (must be rigid, not window screen) behind this cut-out, riveted in place and spray-painted in 'gun metal black', the screen visually blends with the exterior of the armor but still allows the wearer to easily see through it. In this photo, I have not yet installed the screen. This hole will be gradually enlarged to suit the wearer, as you can see in the images below.

Spray-painted in gun-metal black, this is my finished Jaffa armor, seen in two different anglesClick here to see another close-up image of my Jaffa armor

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