A Funny Discovery.Com© Commercial

A television commercial review

 A few years ago, The Discovery Channel© began running a funny commercial touting the virtues of it's website content. The commercial begins with a fisherman in a swampy, insect-infested location. This fisherman is being besieged by stinging buzzing insects, mosquitoes to be exact. He swats at one and nearly loses his balance. We can sense his growing frustration...

 Then, in an extreme close-up of what appears to be a studio-stage setting, we see his arm with large semi-curly dark hairs as two actors dressed as mosquitoes are lowered via nearly invisible cables onto his arm. They are chanting 'buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz' as they descend for a rough landing...
The mosquito costumes are like something you'd see at a Mardi Gras, they are not perfect nor are they believable. But that doesn't matter, for what transpires next is just too funny! As they land upon the man's arm and struggle to attain some semblance of balance, they both greet each other verbally and quite formally with a handshake and casually begin to feed upon this human's blood while they converse.

 As they each begin to drink through long hand-held tubes of which they have inserted into the man's arm, -sounds of sucking noisily through a straw are plainly heard, -they discuss the content and virtues of Discovery.Com's website content much the same way that golfing buddies on a Country Club's golf course might discuss last night's episode of FRIENDS or EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND.

 Just then, a large campy-looking prop in the general shape of an articulated human hand drops toward the two thirsty mosquitoes, they both scream in terror as one of them is covered and presumably crushed in the swatting, and the first mosquito lifts off from the man's arm and flies away barely avoiding being killed himself, chanting 'buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz....'
In the next instant, we return to a 'real life' view of the man having just swatted the site of the attack. Again, he casually flicks the offending insect from his forearm...

 The commercial ends with a complimentarily green background similar to the swampy setting overlaid with the Discovery.Com Logo, we can hear the buzzing sounds of yet another winged insect pest coming disturbingly closer, closer, and closer still... The unconscious urge to swat and slap at and around your own face is nearly overwhelming!

 The commercial is humorous and effective, it must have had to been a complete riot to create. I would have loved to see the out-takes and bloopers that surely must have ocurred during filming!
The two actors whom portrayed the mosquitoes deliver their lines in a cheesy, awkwardly scripted way... as if reading from cue-cards for the first time. It lends a very comedic aspect to the presentation.
While surfing for interesting film and media clips for this part of the assignment, I found the commercial archived at a defunct humor video site. This site hosts many dozens more short video-clips and sound-files, arranged in no particular order.

Site no longer active...


Because the video is no longer hosted at the original site, it is given here in a YouTube video that is current as of this update.