Royalty-free seamless tiling bricks & background images 

 Free to use background images for web pages 

By Joel A. Burdick, Web Developer/Designer

 Internet Explorer  and  Opera  browser users:

 Left-click each image to see the tiling effect, right-click to save image.

 Click anywhere on page for a 'blank-white' background.

 BG-changer does not work with  Firefox ,  Mozilla , others.  For TESTING, use IE or OPERA

 HINT: The text of the 'BODY' tag should look like this: body style="background-image:url('image_name.gif');" 
 This will 'tile' the small image on the entire page. You can fill a "TD" with a background using this method also.
 To save image for personal use: right-click and Save Image. 
 Please do not hot-link to these images: Download them instead 
wood beams rock wall rock wall 2 bricks 4
bricks 5 bricks 6 bricks 7 bricks 8
bricks 9 bricks 10 bricks 11  wood beams 2
bricks 14 bricks 16 bricks 17
bricks 18 grasses blue pixels castlewall
castlewall2 gravel rockwall3 castlewall3
topographical map rusty fabric teal topographical floor
  By Joel A. Burdick, Web Developer/Designer - © 2003